growth Performance = Potential + Growth Mindset

Our Unique Approach

4D approach to learning



Learning Honeycomb Model

Our Learning Honeycomb Model is also based on Solo-Taxanomy.

An example of a Full Scope Solution – Learning Honeycomb Example:-



  1. Assess Business Head Entrepreneurial DNA – BOSIdna.
  2. Coach on strengths and areas that need focused attention.
  3. Assess the Management Team Entrepreneurial DNA – BOSIdna.
  4. Assess the business leadership strength.
  5. Agree on the desired changes.
  6. Assess the Organization Culture DNA – Leadership DNA.
  7. Coach the Business Leadership Team on Leadership DNA incorporating the Entrepreneurial DNA.
  8. Marshall Goldsmith 20 bad habits.
  9. Coaching on MOJO for the entire organization.
  10. Requisite succession planning  incorporating the Entrepreneurial DNA.


Digi Flip Model

Digi Flip – Digitalized Human Age