This blog is based on actual experience and tool was discovered during the peer coaching session between Sally Webb and R.R. Krishna and being shared for the benefit of all.

Tool for measuring active engagement



This tool is unique in that you can choose your focus. You can start with activity or outcomes.

Route 1: Activity based approach

Step 1: Ask coachee to choose an activity they want to do.

Step 2: Ask them to plot where the activity falls in the activity axis (X) high, medium or low.

Step 3: Now ask them to plot where the activity falls in the engagement axis (Y) high, medium or low.

Step 4: Ask coachee to plot which box you are falling in.

Step 5: Ask them to focus on the outcomes and see if the outcome is motivating/satisfying enough for the coachee.

Step 6: Ask them to focus on the outcomes in other boxes.

Step 7: Let them choose the outcome they would like you would like to focus on.

Step 8: Relook at the activity you choose in step one.

Step 8: Ask the coachee to choose if they would like to focus on becoming active or engaged.

Step 9: Ask them what they would do to get there.

Step 10: Ask the coachee to visualize the outcome they are focusing on.

This should help the coachee to get plan change.

Route 2: Outcome based Approach

Step 1: Ask coachee to see where they are in the outcome box.

Step 2: Ask coachee to refocus on which box they want to move to.

Step 3: Ask coachee questions to contrast active and engaged in step one and two.


  • Evaluate the present Active & Engagement levels.
  • Explain the desired state of Active & Engagement levels.
  • Linking present and desired of Active & Engagement levels, state the insights you get.
  • Offer one or two actions to bridge the gap.

Step 4: Ask coachee to choose actions to bridge the gap arising out of step two.

This should help the coachee to get plan change.


Coaches could improvise the outcome in each box depending on the coachee.


R R Krishna has about 30 years of work experience in Human Resources spanning different industries. He is a PCC, (ICF), RPCC (RCS), CMC (BCI/ICC) with 15 years of coaching experience and also member of International Association of Coaching, Asia Pacific alliance of coaches and Association of Coaching. Find more about Krishna at


Sally Webb has been coaching for over 10 years and has a totally enjoyable coaching and leadership development business. She is still passionate about the privileged position we hold as coaches and loves being with her clients as they have those “aha” moments that lead to mindset shifts and open new avenues for them. Sally is strongly committed to building the professionalism of coaching across Australasia and is a member of the ICFA Professional Standards Team and on the faculty. Find out more about Sally at