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Influencing Mindset: A Social Cognitive Science Approach to Goal Attainment

Influencing Mindset: A Social Cognitive Science Approach to Goal Attainment What drives or inhibits goal attainment? A real coaching experience! In a real coaching experience, I realized “Attention” is the key. According to psychologist and philosopher William James, attention “is the … Continue reading

When training is better done using a Coaching Approach: A practical example of how to use a coaching approach when people still call it training by R. Ramamurthy Krishna (Guest)

I would like to take the opportunity to consider the fit between training and coaching in organizations, and how this fits into my practice: Is training different from coaching?                       … Continue reading


In this article, we propose an extended application of David Rock’s SCARF® Model to CONNECT with two different cultures. Application: This article proposes to help coaches teach the client two different yet powerful tools. More cross-border communication and influencing the … Continue reading


WHAT IS A NEUROBIC EXERCISE?   The Neurobic Exercise program is a scientifically based program. It is based in the brain ability to produce a natural growth factor called “neurotrophins.” Neurotrophins are a family of proteins that induce the survival, development … Continue reading

East meets West – how different philosophies can combine and inform coaching by R Ramamurthy Krishna (Guest)

I have often seen how a lot of Eastern philosophy seems to have no formal research data. However, if you look at the concepts that Eastern philosophy has integrated, and then go back looking for scientific evidences from the Western … Continue reading


In this blog, I will introduce the coaching community to a coaching tool, which I helped design, called “FOCUS.” FOCUS is an acronym where F is Fallacy, O is Orientation, C is Confound, U is Unabated and S is Salvage. … Continue reading

The Power of “TO”

THE POWER OF “TO”   In English grammar, the concept of tense is a method that we use to refer to time: past, present and future. Many languages use tense to talk about time. Other languages have no concept of … Continue reading

Cumulative Listening: A Critical Skill For Coaches

CUMULATIVE LISTENING: A CRITICAL SKILL FOR COACHES     Cumulative listening is when a coach listens carefully to what is being said by the client, identifies the information that recurs in client communication during various phases, and links them back … Continue reading

Intact: A Coaching Tool For Stuck Clients

INTACT: A COACHING TOOL FOR STUCK CLIENTS     While intact is an English word meaning not altered, broken or impaired, here I have deliberately and purposeful coined the word from key challenges many coaches face – intention and action. … Continue reading

Mcguire’s Six Step Model For Credible Coaching

MCGUIRE’S SIX STEP MODEL FOR CREDIBLE COACHING     Social psychologist William J. McGuire proposed a six step model of persuasion that can be adapted to structure a coaching conversation.   Source:   Step One In the coaching process, … Continue reading