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Cumulative Listening: A Critical Skill For Coaches

CUMULATIVE LISTENING: A CRITICAL SKILL FOR COACHES     Cumulative listening is when a coach listens carefully to what is being said by the client, identifies the information that recurs in client communication during various phases, and links them back … Continue reading

Intact: A Coaching Tool For Stuck Clients

INTACT: A COACHING TOOL FOR STUCK CLIENTS     While intact is an English word meaning not altered, broken or impaired, here I have deliberately and purposeful coined the word from key challenges many coaches face – intention and action. … Continue reading

Mcguire’s Six Step Model For Credible Coaching

MCGUIRE’S SIX STEP MODEL FOR CREDIBLE COACHING     Social psychologist William J. McGuire proposed a six step model of persuasion that can be adapted to structure a coaching conversation.   Source:   Step One In the coaching process, … Continue reading

Solo Taxonomy: An Approach To Coaching

SOLO TAXONOMY: AN APPROACH TO COACHING     Solo Taxonomy describes the level of increasing complexity in a student’s understanding of a subject, through five stages, and it is claimed to be applicable to any subject area. Not all students … Continue reading

SAH: A Powerful Coaching Tool

SAH: A Powerful Coaching Tool   The most powerful tool in the hand of a coach is powerful questioning. Powerful questions will move the coachee a great distance by creating insight and allowing him to see a new world that … Continue reading

The Coachability Index

The Coachability Index   Not all people are ready to be coached at a particular point in their lives. Others may not be coachable at all. If we try to coach a client who is not ready, it could negatively … Continue reading

Framing Coaching Questions Based On Dealo

FRAMING COACHING QUESTIONS BASED ON DEALO     DEALO is a coaching question framework for coaches to ask powerful questions without using what, where, how, who, when, etc., (referred to as WH Questions). A WH question can have a nature … Continue reading

A Coaching Tool For Mindful Engagement

A COACHING TOOL FOR MINDFUL ENGAGEMENT This blog is based on actual experience and tool was discovered during the peer coaching session between Sally Webb and R.R. Krishna and being shared for the benefit of all. Tool for measuring active engagement … Continue reading

Comprehensive Leadership Development A Synthesis Of Coaching Tools

COMPREHENSIVE LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT A SYNTHESIS OF COACHING TOOLS     Leadership in its simplest form is defined as the ability to influence, but what one influences depends on the level one occupies in an organization. As a person moves up … Continue reading

Mindkai People Development Model

MINDKAI PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT MODEL     What is “MindKai?”   Mind = Mindfulness.   Kai = Kaizen.   MindKai is a people development model based on mindfulness and kaizen. Mindfulness is a state of active, open attention on the present. … Continue reading